Fergus Engineering has specialized in the design of structures for buildings since 2000. We bring professionalism combined with experience and creativity to the design process. We have enjoyed great success by delivering well-prepared, detailed structural designs on time and in budget. Our philosophy has been centered around providing the best service possible to our clients by meeting our commitments and answering questions in a timely manner. We enjoy doing our work and purpose to do our work well.

Fergus Engineering has performed structural design for building projects including commercial, retail, medical, municipal, residential, financial, religious, athletic, and educational building structures. The largest portion of our work has been educational. We have designed structures for a large number of school buildings at all levels of education. We have great experience in designing with steel, concrete and timber, in superstructures, and in foundations of all types.

Fergus Engineering recognizes our role as a team member on any design project. We work well with others and communicate well with the other design team members as information is developed. We share design details as they are useful to the other team members and coordinate the structural design with the other building systems designs.

Fergus Engineering provides complete structural design documents that are easy to read, easy to bid, and easy to build. We maintain a very high standard of documentation that consistently results in successful building construction projects.